Your Essential Solutions
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I assist you with:

Removing clutter and simplifying your life
Bringing order and beauty to your living and work environments
Developing a sense of sacred space in your everyday surroundings
Transforming old habits and making healthy choices
Ongoing support during life's many transitions (moving, loss of a loved one ...)
Selling your home by enhancing its spaciousness and appeal

I also offer intuitive Feng Shui suggestions and other resources to support your transformation.

A few of the benefits:

A sense of peace, clarity and renewal
More time for yourself, family and loved ones
Additional energy to manifest your dreams
The enjoyment of living or working in a space that honors who you are
Compassionate support during times of life transition

"Christine walks into a room and knows what needs to be done to transform any space into one of beauty and function. She is present, clear, and has a gifted eye for detail and is so fun to work with."

~ Mira Sophia, Event Facilitator

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Currently serving clients in Oregon, Washington, and other locations upon request.