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Christine has cleared an enormous amount of clutter and waste generated over several years and amplified by having a flood which required the emptying of packed closets and shelves. Since I have a disability, Christine has done 95% of the actual work herself. Getting things cleared out has inspired me to not bring more in, helping me to keep newly cleared areas organized.

... a big thank you for all you've done. You are really helping me get my life back under control.

- Catherine M, Lynnwood, Washington

I was so overwhelmed. Christine helped remove chaos and restore order. She helped me discard what was not really important. The experience was cleansing. Christine did allow me to keep what I was not ready to get rid of - she respected my decisions. My kitchen is so organized... we are keeping to the basic plan and it is working. Christine, you did a fantastic job.

- Barbara O, Seattle, Washington

Christine gave me really good suggestions, and worked with me knowing that I felt very overwhelmed. She was very good at talking me through the hard-to-get-rid-of items, and [helped] me see a different way of looking at material items, and that everything really was going to be ok.

She was always lending support even after our last session together. I don’t think I could have made such great progress in the amount of time that I did, if I had not had Christine’s services and help. I really appreciate everything she did for me.

- Merry S, Mill Creek, Washington

You were just the person I needed to break the "spell" the Saturday you were here... I am not stuck any more. It is like something has been lifted from me. I appreciate your way of non-judgement and acceptance of where I was, along with your listening, sharing and working to get part of my floor cleared of clutter. Right now I am making progress and the momentum is still here to get this house to where I want it. Thank you for your help.

- Dolores P, Seattle, Washington

What were the benefits you received from working with Christine?
A sense of hopefulness, of ease about jobs that otherwise felt overwhelming.

What part of the process was most effective for you?
Christine’s practical, take-charge attitude. You just sail in and do what needs to be done, cheerfully cutting through resistance and confusion.

Are there any lasting changes you have noticed?
I am certainly more respectful of certain spaces in my house and office, am much more likely to keep them clear on a regular basis.

- Kay Lynne Sherman, Ashland, Oregon

You helped me work through a lot of stuff I was not able to accomplish by myself – the removal of stuff that accumulated over the years, causing serious blocks in the energy flow of our home. Your hands-on help and sound advice regarding the effects our accumulated stuff was having on our lives.  The changes we made together really worked - clearing out stuff under the bed to get a good night’s sleep; removing stuff that impeded a healthy energy flow. You work wonders and give me advice that stays with me long after your visit.

– Lavana Conwright Boyes, Seattle, Washington

We are so grateful for everything Your Essential Solutions accomplished at our home. A garage that was a disorganized mess of boxes, bags and clutter (painful to have to look at day after day) is now a pleasant, orderly space. We didn't think it was possible!

Christine was impeccable in her work and treated our belongings with such tremendous care that we knew we could trust her completely. She is so adept at keeping 'the big picture' in mind while attending to the smallest of details. We were amazed at her capacity to focus on the task at hand. In a few days she was able to complete a project that had eluded us for ages.

– The Atcitty Family, Sandia Park, New Mexico

I gained the ability to see clearing clutter as an ongoing process, one that is manageable & satisfying on many levels. Christine’s great at keeping a person from getting overwhelmed by the task at hand.

I love your approach to the process, your energy, and your ability to remain focused & grounded in the midst of the process. I'm not sure I am ready to call clearing clutter fun, but you certainly made the hard work enjoyable. Thanks!

– LuAnne Cavendar, Portland, Oregon

Christine was very insightful and generous with her time. She seemed to sense what I was going through and her knowledge gave me tools that I have used on my own.  I would definitely recommend Christine's services. She gives you a sense of safety and confidentiality.

–Trudy Ann Hart-Jerdal, Federal Way, Washington

I have to tell you that I am still very EXCITED to have such a nice, neat office to work in. Every day I go in there I feel very grateful and thankful. My peace of mind is so much better already! So, thanks again for assisting me so skillfully and compassionately with the study! I will definitely be thinking of you when friends or clients indicate that they could use your assistance. Now I can personally vouch for how good you are!

– Debbie Cohen, Dixon, California

I had way too much stuff that I hadn't needed in years. Getting rid of the things I wasn't using made it easier to find and use the things I need regularly. Not only are things where they should be, but Christine helped me make a system to KEEP things where they should be. Christine also was sensitive to the "emotional value" some things had for me even though they didn't seem to have a practical purpose. 

One lasting change I have noticed is that I have more time! Being self-employed, it's easy to be a workaholic. Now I can take time to do other things in my life that were always getting pushed aside before. Also, it FEELS so much better when I'm organized.  THANK YOU!!!

– Ron Bolin, The Dancin’ DJ, Renton, Washington

Thank you SOOO much for your help walking me through the process of de-packrat-izing and preparing for my move. You've given me a lot of valuable suggestions, and I'm beginning to feel like I can actually make some important changes in my thinking and actions that will help me take control of my life and environment. Thanks a lot!

– Gayle, Bellevue, Washington

Christine, thanks for your wonderful workshop! I realize how much clutter I have in my mind, and now I have more compassion for myself realizing that there are good intentions that have brought me into the double-bind that keeps me locked where I'm at with my thoughts, emotions, and the outer clutter that reflects them. What a beautiful light you have, I felt that everyone in the workshop experienced a real healing!

– Bradley, Portland, Oregon

Christine walks into a room and knows what needs to be done to transform any space into one of beauty and function. She is present, clear, and has a gifted eye for detail and spatial relations and is so fun to work with.

– Mira Sophia, Talent, Oregon

Christine helped set the foundation to create a calm and organized environment in our retail store. She is great at focusing on the problem areas and making changes that bring a new alignment that better reflects the intention of our store. Our employees function with greater ease and our customers benefit on so many levels. Her assistance has saved me much time and energy!

– Joan D’Arcy, Healing Waters & Sacred Spaces, Portland, Oregon

I've worked with Christine professionally since 1995 and it never ceases to amaze me how she can make order out of chaos. She is able to bring clarity to the murkiest tasks on many levels, not only the physical organization of jumbles of stuff, although she is certainly excellent at that! I think it is a visionary quality that enables her to see what optimally 'could be' and that directs her actions until the vision of perfection is made into form.

– C.L., New Mexico

I loved Christine’s work! It helped soooo much. It cleared out the last emotional energy that was keeping things stuck in the "things are not going well in this house" pattern. I have been energetically and happily having an organizational extravaganza ever since. Thank you so much.

I felt Christine’s method and approach were great, with just enough direction, just enough patience, and emotional support when I would max out. The perfect loving presence – with no psycho-babble when I finally broke down and cried with the stress of moving that last heavy cloud of emotion in the clutter corner of my kitchen. Bravo, Christine, you have found a much needed gift to offer!

– Aureya Magdalen, Larkspur, California


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