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Shifting from Clutter to Clarity
with Christine Arundell


Has clutter taken over your home?

Do you feel overwhelmed?

Do you yearn to have your surroundings inspire you,
rather than feel like a burden?

We will explore:

  • Why we clutter up our lives
  • How clutter and disorganization affects us
  • The benefits of clearing out and getting organized
  • Essential solutions for making changes and letting go
  • Practical techniques to reduce clutter in your home or office

We will utilize techniques to clear out old patterns of behavior that no longer serve us, as well as discuss tips on how to get started with your clutter-clearing.

Bring clarity to your life by clearing your clutter!

Your Essential Solutions is available to assist you with your personal clutter-clearing and organizing needs, either hands-on in your home or workplace, or with support by telephone. Christine currently has clients in Oregon and Washington. Arrangements can be made for her to come to your location.

Contact Christine at: (425) 917-1211 or (541) 840-0681 cell
Toll-free Voicemail: (866) 248-7673 ext. 2340

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