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Simplify ~ Align ~ Renew
A Workshop with Christine Arundell


Clutter restricts the flow of energy in our lives, complicates our
relationships and perpetuates procrastination. Feelings of overwhelm can
consume us, overriding our enjoyment of the present moment.

Discover why we are so attached to our stuff and what we can do about it.

Learn how to simplify your life, align your intentions and renew your
energy! Gain essential tools to make lasting changes.

Bring clarity to your life by clearing your clutter!

CHRISTINE ARUNDELL of Your Essential Solutions is a professional organizer
and life-transitions coach who assists her clients with clutter-clearing,
organizing and life transformations. She is available to assist you either
in your home or workplace, or with support by telephone. Christine
currently has clients in Washington, Oregon and Virginia. Arrangements can
be made for her to come to your location.

Contact Christine at: (425) 917-1211 or (541) 840-0681 cell
Toll-free Voicemail: (866) 248-7673 ext. 2340